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Answering Your Shadow Questions


Thanks to everyone who submitted questions on our social media feeds. Now, the team at Survivor Reborn will attempt to answer them (at least, those that we’re allowed to answer or have answers to at this stage!)

Camilla L News I want to know if there are new elements in this game.

I think the main thing is probably the swimming, and the fact that Lara now has a knife to add to her arsenal. Not sure on what elements you could be referring to, but these are the ones that spring to mind.

Corey O Croft – Will any of the previous characters return? Is there more emphasis on exploration and puzzles versus combat this time?

Jonah seems to have the main-sidekick role in the game again; and in a positive way, as he’s actually trying to keep Lara grounded and to remember to think of others rather than just her own goals. There was definitely a bigger emphasis on puzzles and exploring than combat, so I was very relieved and hope it stays that way in the full game.

Ghassan Nasri – Will we see more of the manor? Will we eventually have the double pistols? Is it another undead army this time too? More boss fights?

There wasn’t a manor in the demo, unfortunately, so we’ll have to wait to see if the devs reveal it at a later date. Again, there were no dual pistols in the demo, so we might have to wait till we get our hands on the game before we know for sure. From what we’ve seen, the enemies are regular live people rather than undead, but this might get revealed at a later date. In the demo, it seems we meet the main villain so I’m assuming there’ll be a final fight with them at the end of the game.

Brandon Moore – Can you tell us anything about the puzzles or tombs/ancient sites in the game?

The main puzzles you see in the demo were physics based and the whole area had a Mexican/Mayan theme to it.

Nick Snow – Will the Ultimate Edition, the Croft Edition and the Standard Edition all be released on the same day and will all these editions (especially the UE and CE) be only available at the SE-store?

I’m assuming they will be, we will need to wait for confirmation from Square on that, Jonathan. Will there be any co-op or multiplayer? No confirmation as of yet in this; again, we will need to wait for confirmation from the devs.

Alan Digney  – Did it feel like a significant step up from Rise? If so, in which ways?

To us it did, and, from what we could tell, Lara has become a lot more mature and kick ass, as well as a lot more buff (muscle definition is amazing!) I would say the biggest thing was it wasn’t all focused on combat, but about exploration and climbing etc.

Rhenia – Will there be additional content/a season pass for the game?

This isn’t something we’re aware of yet; we will need to wait for confirmation from Square on this.

Corey Seville – Does it feel like this could potentially be Lara’s greatest adventure? How pretty did it look?

It was absolutely gorgeous!!! The jungle section gave it (at first) an Underworld feel, but that quickly changed when you saw all the colour and variety etc. To me, I feel this will be the best game of the trilogy and I truly cannot wait to get my hands on the finished article!


Written by Lori Croft et al. Edited by J. R. Milward.

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