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Spotlight: Play Expo Manchester 2017


Phew, what a weekend. Survivor Reborn just returned from a visit to this year’s Play Expo in Manchester’s Event City. Here’s some of our shots and impressions of this great weekend – the place where consoles, retrogaming, and indie developers come together with gamers and creators alike for the north of England’s biggest gaming event.

Although there was no specific Tomb Raider event put on this year (in contrast to 2016’s 20th Anniversary celebrations), there was still plenty to see and do.


The head of a (very big) queue as we count down to entry.

This is the sixth annual Play Expo Manchester event, and it just keeps getting bigger! It attracts both established gaming companies and brand-new indie developers looking for an audience.

Lucid Games’ Switchblade – one of many exhibits in the Next Gen Zone.


I made all sorts of new friends!

As is usually the case with any kind of convention, there was a good crop of cosplayers and cosplay-themed events taking place throughout the weekend.

The Arcade zone was packed with classic arcade machines and retro pinball games, from Jurassic Park to Dirty Harry.


Want a souvenir? We’ve got you covered.


Nintendo 64’s GoldenEye celebrated its 20th anniversary this year.

Nintendo 64’s GoldenEye celebrated its 20th anniversary this year. Play Expo hosted a Q&A panel to mark the occasion – a nostalgia-fuelled romp for all fans of the game! There was also a Q&A panel with Psygnosis former team members about the early years of the company.

The emphasis was firmly on retro, indie, and arcade games.


Gamers could browse a vast range of classic titles and consoles – more than a few went home with lighter pockets!

The Expo also hosted Breakout Rooms, tournaments, table-top gaming, organised photo-shoots, and a large educational zone to help would-be developers and creators build the next step in their careers.

Play Expo 2017 was also a chance for Tomb Raider fans to meet and catch up. Huge thanks to Tomb of Ash for organising this and taking such wonderful group photos!

Thanks to all who could make it, and see you again next year!


Spotlight: Play Expo Manchester 2017 by J. R. Milward / Survivor Reborn is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

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