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Tomb Raider (2018) 1st trailer – Reaction


The brand-new, official trailer for Tomb Raider just dropped from Warner Bros., so of course social media is buzzing with reactions and opinions from all corners of the Tomb Raider fandom.


Here’s a short breakdown of what we’ve learned so far, and some of the opinions from the team at Survivor Reborn.

1) Action will be front and centre.

It wouldn’t be Tomb Raider without falling debris, falls into fathomless depths, explosions, gunfights, and bucket-loads of peril – and the trailer seems to imply that the movie will tick all of these boxes and more.

Abandon ship!

Traps also appear to make a (welcome) appearance, with Lara dodging lethally fast spiked rollers in one sequence.


Up close and personal with spiky death


2) The set-up, story, and visuals will borrow heavily from the Tomb Raider reboot (2013) and Rise of the Tomb Raider…

From frame-for-frame reconstructions of Lara’s leap into the ocean, her parachute-clutching fall from an old plane cockpit, and various shots of desks cluttered with research, to direct (and father-related) references to Trinity, the Tomb Raider movie seems to be bringing the rebooted Tomb Raider universe into full-motion Technicolour. That said, the trailer and featurette also show many differences.

Uncanny parallels between game and movie cinematics


3) …But it won’t be 100% faithful to the reboot/Rise story.

From Mathias having hair to Samantha Nishimura’s conspicuous absence, the movie will diverge quite a lot in places from the story and characters established in the reboot universe. Changes – implied or explicit – include scrapping the Himiko/Solarii/sacrificial storyline, making Mathias an agent or cats-paw of Trinity, having a new location and MacGuffin (”a tomb called ‘The Mother of Death’”) and more.


Daniel Wu (lu Ren) and Alicia Vikander (Lara Croft) share a joke

There are also many nods to the classic and LAU-eras (the crypts under Croft manor and “I’ll take two”, being two of them).

A tomb,with a MacGuffin in the middle. But what does this “Mother of Death” do?


4) Lara’s father will feature heavily…. Even though he appears to be dead.

Yes, the movie returns us once again to the Daddy Croft story arc, with Lord Richard Croft missing for years, presumed dead. But he has laid a trial for Lara to puzzle-out, pick-up, and finish before the bad guys i.e. Trinity, finish it first. There are strong Da Vinci-Code vibes to Lara playing with intricate puzzle boxes and notepads full of arcane scribbles in her quest to retrace her father’s footsteps, and it seems that Lord Croft and Mathias are – or were – somehow acquainted. Lara’s backstory appears to have been re-written (again): she is now a bicycle courier who happens to be sitting on a vast fortune (Croft Holdings), but with no impetus to do anything with it until – we presume – she gets a wake-up call from her dead (possibly) dad.


Bored meetings? Add ancient puzzle boxes.


Some other things we noticed:



Lady Lindsey Croft and lots of cremation urns in the Croft Manor crypts.



The fact that Nick Frost isn’t listed in the IMDB credits, plus Lara’s adoption of the braid (and a sharpened attitude with “I’ll take two.”) feels like this scene will appear at the end, or even post-credits.


The land where Lara becomes stranded is a lot more tropical than the temperate forests and mountains of Yamatai.


Mathias Vogel (Walton Goggins) is a lot more sophisticated-looking than his gaming counterpart, and appears to be leading excavation work on the land – possibly at the behest of Trinity.




Here’s what we thought personally:

“The trailer featured some pleasantly surprising moments, in particular the inclusion of a tomb and traps instantly made me feel like this movie will be better than the game it’s based on. I was, as expected, put off quite a lot by the heavy emphasis on Lara’s quest and motivations revolving around her father (see previous rants), but honestly I’m tired of talking about that. It’s happening and there’s no stopping it. The final shot will no doubt be from the end of the film, with the braid and dual pistols giving me a glimmer of hope that any potential future TR films will be more in line with a classic version of Lara.” – Chris Jones.


“There’s some intriguing, even brilliant, little details in this trailer, but I’m always sceptical until I’ve seen the full movie. I’m sick unto death of Lara’s father/parental story arcs, but maybe there will enough action and good-quality performances to counterbalance this. Not a big fan of the rebooted era, but maybe this fix some of the weaker aspects of the game while also doing a good translation of what did work. The braid/pistols/attitude is probably fan-service in a post-credits scene, but it’s still nice to see. Hoping for a good popcorn movie, even if the Lara I love is no longer official property.”  – J. R. Milward



What are your impressions and thoughts about the trailer? Let us know!


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