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Top reasons why Lara Croft is a great female role model – Kayleigh Dray

Cyberbimbo or total feminist? The boobs cry out one answer, her effortless archaeological knowledge the other. It's time to answer this debate once and for all with an ill-informed top 10 list...

10 – She knows when to say “no”

Don’t believe me? Try asking her to open a door with the wrong key. This woman is all about knowing her own mind and, sure, her own mind may piss me off a little sometimes, but I commend her for having one. No it is then. Didn’t even want to open that door anyway…

9 – She opts for practicality over beauty

This one isn’t really very fair as, of course, Lara Croft is designed to be beautiful at all times. But we could all take a little inspiration from her sensible footwear, practical backpack and schoolmistress hairstyle next time we go for a walk on the wild side. It’s always embarrassing when girls opt for heels at Glastonbury, after all…

8 – She doesn’t sexualise herself (snigger)

Have you ever been swimming at Croft Manor? Lara Croft doesn’t come skipping out of the changing room in a cute polka dot bikini. She doesn’t even opt for a plunging one-piece. Instead, she dives into her swimming pool fully-dressed and still wearing her boots. Try ogling her now, sickos – Lara’s got your number, alright.

Umm, on second thoughts…

7 – She dresses for her figure

You know what, big breasted women with tiny waists don’t have an easy time in the shopping department. Most things either hang straight down from your chest and make you look pregnant, or you end up spilling from every orifice with a slinky number. Lara, however, has got things sussed. So what if she shows off her figure? She was hardly going to head off on a trek into the unknown wearing a marshmallow-dress, was she?

6 – She doesn’t do the housework

Lara Croft is too busy solving mysteries and jetting off to far-flung places to keep on top of all that housework. Which is why she hires a butler to do it all for her. Nifty.

5 – She adapts to her surroundings

It doesn’t matter where she is in the world, Lara Croft will always adapt to her surroundings. In the new game, this means getting to grips with a bow and arrow, not to mention a few first aid basics. In the old school Tomb Raider world, it meant throwing on a light jacket, picking up some Uzis and shooting some Yeti (without even checking at the fact there are YETI in the Himalayas) smack-bang in the middle of their furry faces. She rolls with the punches, does our girl.

4 – She doesn’t have time for boyfriends

Seriously, boyfriends? They’d just get in the way. Lara Croft is much more interested in flying solo or, on occasion, rushing off to rescue / do battle with a best gal pal. Atta girl, Lara.

3 – She’s got an IQ to rival Stephen Hawking

Lara Croft is in possession of one of THE finest minds known to Earth. Not only can she recall countless historical facts, but she can read ancient languages, drive any vehicle you plonk her in front of, quickly assess any situation AND practise basic first aid (and self-surgery).

She can also do a pretty mean handstand too. Jealous yet?

2 – She isn’t easily duped

Most people, when they see a dog running towards them, reach out a hand to give it a pat on the head. Lara Croft isn’t so easily duped. Cute fluffy and misleading faces have absolutely no effect on her; dogs, tigers, bats, you name it – Lara would shoot them without hesitation. Same with her old friends really – if one of them, say, was possessed by an Ancient Spirit of Old Times Gone By A Long Time Ago Blah Blah, she’d shoot first and shed tears later. You have to get up extremely early to pull one over on old Lara.

1 – She always gets back up again

Lara Croft does NOT go down easily. No matter how many times you crush, pulverise, drown, break, smash or feed Lara to an angry gorrilla (just that one time, I swear!), she’ll be bouncing around again like a little lamb after a quick reload. A lamb ready for the slaughter, maybe? Depends who’s playing. Point is, she’s ready to take some serious pain in exchange for serious gain – and I quite like that about her.

Do YOU think Lara Croft is a great female role model?

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