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J Andrew Black’s Tomb Raider Review

With great anticipation and high stakes, the re-imagined Tomb Raider was released on March 5th. Now I’m not a game reviewer per se, but I am a lifelong Lara Croft fan. I’m sure by now you’ve read about the impressive graphics, innovative gameplay, and other more techy aspects of this gem of a game. I’m here to reflect on the reborn Lara Croft.

It’s been written before, the new Croft is not one to ogle over and can be seen as more vulnerable. To fans: this is successful in connecting deeper with the iconic character. Her breasts are no longer torpedos, she’s not Daisy Duke-ing it in the wild, and she doesn’t saunter….not once. Though I would argue that the sex-appeal of Croft is integral (and harmless) and would be nice to see that as an aspect of her budding personality (this is a much younger Lara Croft).

Even through her vulnerability, you hear the Croft we know and love begin to reveal herself through her affirmation throughout the game. This makes the writing by Rhianna Pratchett (if you don’t know her, you need to) even more compelling. Because we know her as a double pistol toting bad ass, it becomes more investing as she comes to her own.

So clearly, I give it my highest recommendation. She’s still very hot, she’s still Lara Croft, and this is the Tomb Raider all the fans have been waiting for. Now let’s discuss redeeming the movie franchise (Ms. Rhianna Pratchett, interested in screenwriting?)

Tomb Raider is available on all consoles wherever games are sold.

Lady Croft #Reborn.

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